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Problem with Hamas victory

"But the Palestinians chose Hamas. We can't dictate who they elect.'' That's the argument against Israel's and the west's complaint about the election victory of Hamas. They also falsely claimed that the reason why the west and Israel disapproves of Hamas is cause they are not their puppets. No that's not why. The reason why the European Union [EU], the United States [US] and the state of Israel are upset Hamas won is cause they are a well-known Islamic fundamentalist group fighting to eliminate Israel and committing terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.
Background of Hamas' victory

The problem the west and Israel as well as many people have with Hamas having won the parliamentary election in January 2006 is that Hamas does not want peace with Israel. Israel wants peace really badly and is willing to trade land for peace. The EU, US and Israel decided to place sanctions on the Palestinian territories until Hamas accepts Israel's right to exist, denounce terrorism and honor previous agreements.

Hamas has clearly said that they reject all three conditions. What happened is that in November 2006, Hamas had a civil war with Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah until February 2007 until they formed a unity government between Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian Authority [PA] president and the Hamas parliament. The agreements became known as the Mecca agreements. Abbas has claimed to the west that the reason why he fought Hamas is cause they refused to recognize Israel's right to exist. Abbas claimed to the west that he offered to have a unity government with Hamas on the conditions that they recognize Israel and that Hamas rejected cause of that condition and that caused his security forces to attack Hamas.

Before Abbas called Hamas, Abbas did call for reelection. Abbas was [and still does] incite terrorism to his own people and call for Israel's destruction. Palestinian Media Watch [PMW] an organization that monitors Palestinian media, [as well as Arab media] has actually found Abbas on an interview in Al-Arabiya, an Arab TV station in Dubai and on PA TV saying that it is not the duty of Hamas, the Popular front or Fatah to recognize Israel. The cause of that civil war is the fact that Abbas wants to get rid of a parliament that did not want to work with him and Hamas sought more power. It was a power struggle.

Israel and the west supported Abbas believing that he was the "moderate" and that he wanted peace with Israel.

The Mecca agreements said nothing about Israel. Abbas signed them while Hamas still made it clear that they reject the three conditions and continued firing Qassem rockets at Israel. The Palestinian Authority both under former and first president Yasser Arafat and under the second and current president Mahmoud Abbas has collaborated with Hamas against Israel until the Hamas victory in 2006 when they gained too much power for the Abbas leadership.

Months later, in June 2007, Hamas captured the Gaza strip. That ended the unity government. Hamas and Fatah started fighting each other again. Like before, it wasn't for Israel but was a power struggle. The west particularly the US and Israel started to strengthen Mahmoud Abbas again and help him to prevent Hamas from gaining Judea and Samaria i.e. the West Bank. Though the money the US owes the Palestinians has been fulfilled. Gaza has remained under sanctions until Hamas accepts the three principles they are still rejecting. The west Bank is no longer under sanctions. Abu Ahmad, leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, which is part of "moderate" Fatah and on the US state department list of terrorist told World Net Daily [WND] [the WND article is on my profile that I pasted from World Net daily and the title I made is Abbas fake recognition of Israel] that Abbas's recognition of Israel temporary. PMW also caught a Fatah video singing about Palestine that included Israeli cities as if they're part of Palestine and another video showing a map of Palestine that includes Israel. Despite this fact, Israel and the west [especially the US] praise Abbas as a moderate and support Abbas over the well-known extremist group Hamas. The Guardian actually revealed that Al Aqsa Martyrs brigade that Abu Ahmad acknowledged as part of Fatah [while the US official interviewed by WND's Aaron Klein denied it] is using Google Earth to fire rockets into Israel. Despite this, Israel and the west believes that there will be peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict if Abbas wins. Abbas calls for the right of return of all Palestinian refugees to demographically destroy Israel and turn Israel into a non-Jewish Arab state.

Israel's and the west's reaction to Hamas and condemnations

Hamas is one of the terrorist organizations in Gaza firing rocket attacks at Israeli cities such as Sderot. The Israelis have responded. People have rebuked Israel for arresting members of Hamas who are in the parliament. They complain that Israel is arresting members of the parliament despite the fact that they are firing rockets into Israel. They complain about Israeli attacks toward Palestinian terrorists firing rockets toward Israel. They say that Hamas is a democratically elected government and therefore, they should get aid to be able to launch more rockets on Israel and try to wipe out a lawfully constructed recognized democracy. According to these people's mentality, no matter how much they fire at Israel, Israel would be bad to target a democratically elected government. It's like saying the world should not have reacted to Hitler and let him create a big German empire with Jews and other non-Aryans in concentration camps, with Hitler trying to wipe out the Jewish race and with Hitler invading and threatening other countries. If governments can do whatever they want if elected, then Israel can also do what they want.

I think it's horrible that the Palestinians were and how Gazans [and other Palestinian civilians who are under the corrupt Fatah leadership] are now suffering economically. I agree about that. But at the same time, giving Hamas money could let them buy more weapons to fight Israel. Humanitarian aid was allowed into the Palestinian territories after the Hamas election victory and is currently allowed into Gaza. The Palestinians were in poverty under the corrupt Fatah leadership under Abbas and Arafat as they get billions of dollars to aid the Palestinian people. That billions of dollars was used to spread the widespread incitement that calls for the murder of Jews, Israel's destruction and praises suicide bombers as religious shahids. It praised Palestinian terrorism as heroic resistance. There were [and are] posters of suicide bombers and other terrorists who fought Israel in the PA.

There are also pictures of them on the wall as praise. There are also cards and trinkets of them. As I said before, the economic conditions of Palestinians especially Gazans right now are horrible. Hamas does not care about the Palestinian people. They rather not have Israel live in peace than have innocent Palestinian civilians doing well off. Many people believe that Abbas is a puppet to Israel and the west. They believe that Hamas is standing up to Israel and the west and is therefore, why both the former and latter has a problem with Hamas. But the reason why the former and latter have a problem is cause Hamas won't accept the three conditions. The reason why is cause Hamas does not want peace with Israel and is clear on that. Hamas does sometimes say one thing to the west that is on the edge and rarely [if anytime] says that they want peace but still incites terrorism on Israel toward their people. Hamas has said it wanted a long-term truce truce to the west but makes clear to their own people that it's just a temporary step to gain the strength they need to destroy Israel. It's still clear that the EU, the US, Israel and to many people that Hamas rejects the three conditions they are being called on to accept.

Remember the Mickey mouse program on Hamas TV known as Al Aqsa Tv that called for the elimination of Israel and the whole world to be Islamic (I'm not saying Islam itself is violent). NPR interviewed Erik Westervelt who paid a visit to Al Aqsa TV. You could hear the background a she translated what Al Aqsa TV said. Hamas TV, like Hezbollah TV Al Manur and the TV stations controlled by Fatah's PA, is full of incitement of terrorism against Israel as well as calling for Israel's destruction. That's the problem many people [including ones who believe Fatah wants peace with Israel] have with Hamas elected, is that Hamas continues its terrorism against Israel and does not want peace with Israel and still fights for the elimination of Israel.

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