Monday, February 18, 2008

Why we Jews should oppose the Sandinistas

The Sandinistas were anti-Semitic. They supported the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO], a terrorist group dedicated to destroying Israel. They were persecuting Jews in Nicaragua and caused them to flee. The Nicaraguan Jewish community is worried about their re-election.
While Political Correct liberals and the Sandinistas complained about America's support of the Contra freedom fighters, the Sandinistas worked with the PLO, a terrorist group fighting for the destruction of Israel and destablized two Arab nations Jordan and Lebanon and started or at least helped create a civil war there. Yet, the Sandinistas had a free pass to persecute and drive out Jews and support the PLO by the PC liberals. the Sandinistas supported terrorism. They were allied with Cuba and countries hostile to Israel. Right-wing anti-Semitism is more public than left-wing anti-Semitism.
Weather you're a right-wing or a left-wing Jew, you should oppose the Sandinistas cause of how they treated the Jews. Jewish blog also commends Jews who stood up to the Sandinista tyranny as well as everyone else who fought them.
We Jews should condemn the PC liberals and the rest of the political left for whitewashing a regime that persecuted us Jews and supported the PLO and were allies with other countries hostile to Israel. Jewish blog also condemns the racist tyrannical Sandinistas for how they treated other people such as the Miskito Indians. Under the Communist racist tyrannical Sandinistas, Jews and Miskito Indians were on the same boat, both being persecuted. To those Jews who go along with the PC liberals in whitewashing the racist Sandinistas, you are whitewashing an anti-Semitic government. Jewish blog stands with Nicaraguan Jews who suffered under the Sandinistas.

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